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Our Annual Report is out!

2015, which is the second year of the implementation of our five-year strategic plan, was filled with activities and achievements. We have continued our collaboration with key local stakeholders such as market gardeners and women involved in basket weaving, in reducing the proliferation of water hyacinths and improving their income. The center has also collaborated with inland fishermen communities in Southern Benin to improve their resilience to water resource degradation and overfishing.

Our commitment and our achievements have earned us a renewed confidence of our technical and financial partners. As a result, ACED has been granted the Special Consultative Status with the United Nations.

In 2016, ACED continues its collaboration with smallholder farmers and is working to enlarge its partnership for more socioeconomic and environmental impact in West Africa and especially in Benin.

Learn more about ACED’s activities in 2015 through our Annual Report.