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Adaptation of coastal areas to climate change and variability. 

The challenge

The increase in sea level and climate change are currently among the biggest challenges faced by coastal areas. Rising sea levels and coastal erosion are realities in most coastal areas and impacting livelihoods.
In the municipalities of Grand Popo and Ouidah (southern Benin), negative impacts are affecting fishing in terms of lower quantities of fish, depletion of certain species.


The project aims to study three cases of adaptation to climate change and variability in coastal areas in Africa: Dakar and the case of the Natural Park of the Saloum Delta in Senegal, and the municipalities of Grand Popo and Ouidah. This project will contribute in:

  • increasing knowledge about risks and climate adaptation at the local level ,
  • improving links between territories participating in the study,
  • disseminating the case studies using online content, tools of Web2.0 and social media.

This project is supported by the International Development Research Center and implemented in partnership with two canadian universities: UdeM and UQAM.