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Valuing water hyacinth through compost manufacture


Water hyacinth, whose growth is one of the fastest of the world plant, is an invasive specie which affects aquatic biodiversity of the lake Nokoué. During its decomposition in natural environment, it emits methane, a powerful greenhouse gas.

The project objective is to contribute to greenhouse gas emissions reducing and the sustainable protection of fish biodiversity in Lake Nokoué.


The approach adopted is to value water hyacinth through compost manufacture and artisanship. Also, the greenhouse gases reduced by the project will be valued on carbon market.


  • 1805 tons of water hyacinth are transformed into compost 
  • 1 factsheet on compost manufacture from water hyacinth is disseminated 
  • 1PIN (Project identification note) is designed and available 
  • 1PDD (project design document) is elaborated and introduced to a certification standard of greenhouse gases emissions reducing taking in account the impacts of sustainable development

The project has been funded by the French Global Environment Facility and implemented in partnership with Gevalor.