4th CORAF/WECARD Agricultural Science Week

From 16 to 20 June 2014 will be held in Niamey the 4th Agricultural Science Week in West and Central Africa (SW4AG11) organized by the West and Central African Council for Agricultural Research and Development (WECARD CORAF). This 4th edition will gather relevant agricultural stakeholders and will revolve around the central theme “Innovations of agro-sylvo-pastoral systems to feed Africa West and Central: “Innovative agro-sylvo-pastoral systems to feed West and Central Africa”.

The main theme has been divided into four sub-themes namely:
• Sub-theme 1: Improvement of productivity and of resilience of agro-pastoral systems
• Sub-theme 2: Policies supportive of an efficient access of the Agro-sylvo-pastoral systems to the resources and market
• Sub-theme 3: Strengthening of the competences in agricultural research and development to stimulate innovation and entrepreneurship
• Sub-theme 4: Production and management of knowledge for the strengthening of the resilience of agro-pastoral systems.

Given its involvement in the processes and mechanisms of agricultural development in West Africa, ACED is invited to attend this meeting to share its experience on agro-sylvo-pastoral systems in Benin. The contribution of the institution will in particular through sharing the results of his research on the vulnerability of livestock based communities to climate change. This work aims to fill the gap of scientific evidence on the effects of climate change on farming in Benin.

This meeting will also be an opportunity for the institution to learn from successful innovations and different stakeholders for efficient replication to improve the livelihoods of local communities, which are our priority. You can follow the event on various social networks via the hashtag #sw4ag11 or follow our Twitter account @acedbenin. Photo Credit: CORAF/WECARD

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