ACED beside African Union for Youth and Agenda 2063

From 1st to 3rd November 2013, the city of Hammamet, Tunisia hosted the celebration of the eighth edition of African Youth Day under the theme “Youth United in Action for the 2063 agenda”. This year’s celebration had a special significance as it coincides with the 50th anniversary of African Unity Organization (AUO) creation in 1963, which subsequently led to African Union creation in 1999.
In the vision of African Union to achieve “a successful, integrated Africa in peace, governed and managed by its own citizens and representing a dynamic force on the world stage”, it defined the 2063 agenda which is a strategic action plan aiming to achieve the Union vision over the next 50 years.
Given the critical role, youth will play in achieving this vision, young leaders from all African countries were invited to contribute to the development of this agenda in the celebration of African youth Day in order to ensure meaningful participation of African youth in the implementation of the agenda.
It is in this context that ACED has been invited to participate because of its young team and its pertinent actions towards Beninese and international youth through YPARD, YouDev, Agrodev or PREJAT.
During the celebration, seven (07) themes have been identified as key issues around which youths must implement specific strategies to ensure a successful 2063 horizon in Africa:
• The role of youth in the 2063 agenda;
• African integration, Panafricanism and mobility across countries;
• Youth participation and governance;
• Employment, entrepreneurship and innovation;
• Environment, climate change and food security;
• Construction and maintenance of peace;
• Underprivileged youths and youths with disabilities;
• Health, education, science and technology.
Taking into account the realities of the continent or their respective countries, young people suggested many solutions and strategies in order to reduce Africa weaknesses in each of these above areas.
At the end, the youths, who were present at the meeting are committed to adopt this 2063 agenda and to work in their respective countries so that youths will be aware of this agenda, take ownership and work for a prosperous Africa because 2063 Africa will be the current youth Africa and not the one of current seniors. It will also be the Africa that current youth will leave to their children.

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