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water hyacinth

Fondation de France supports water hyacinth processing


With support from the French Global Environment Facility (FFEM), ACED began in 2012 an initiative to process water hyacinth into compost in order to reduce the influence of this invasive plant on Lake Nokoué. This initiative has allowed the reduction of about 2,000 tonnes of water hyacinth and production of compost that is used by local farmers.



Producing biogas from water hyacinth


Request for Expression of Interest


In the framework of the "Valuing water hyacinth through compost manufacture project" (PROJEC), a Request for Expression of Interest has been issued to recruit an independant consultant to undertake a study aiming at designing the business plans of water hyacinth transformation into compost and other products.

Deadline: 15 janvier 2014



Reducing greenhouse gases emitted by water hyacinth 


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