Training on composting water hyacinth

The project of valuing water hyacinth from Lake Nokoué through compost manufacture (PROJEC), funded by the French Global Environmental Facility and IUCN-French Committee, is being implemented in partnership with GEVALOR. It aims to reduce the emissions of greenhouses gases  and to sustainably protect the fish biodiversity of Lake Nokoué. For that purpose, a threefold approach has been defined:

  • valuing water hyacinth through compost manufacture
  • valuing water hyacinth through basketry
  • valuing the reduction of the emissions of greenhouse gases on carbon market (gases emitted by water hyacinth in its natural area)

The first component is being running and one of its highlights was the training of gardeners groups of the municipality of Sô-ava on how to maufacture the compost with water hyacinth. Thanks to the enthusiasm and the strong mobilization of gardeners, this training have been a real success. The results are instructive:

  • a fact sheet on composting water hyacinth has been developped and disseminated;
  • 48 relay-gardeners of 6 gardeners groups had their capacities enhanced and are able to share the process with their peers;
  • 6 gardeners groups are now able to transform the water hyacinth problem into opportunity;
  • 6 garderners groups can now use organic fertilizer for an environment-friendly agriculture.

In order to support the implementation of the learned techniques, some important equipments were allocated to gardeners groups. Thus, boats, pumps, wheelbarrows, watering cans, forks, boots and other equipments have been made ​​available to them and welcomed in a general jubilation.

As a student who needs his pen and his notebook to study, I now have, thanks to the ACED intervention, my “pen” (machete) and “my book” (water hyacinth). I am ready to change my soil fertilization practices! – Said Mr Simon, Gardener of Sô-Ava. (translated version into english)

Composting water hyacinth and using compost for soil fertilization are now evidenced in the municipality of Sô-Ava.

Photos credit: ACED

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